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HOTELCAREER becomes Germany’s best special job market according to the applicant’s decision

In September 2011, our job exchange HOTELCAREER performed excellently in the job market surveys of the PROFILO Rating Agency and CrossPro Research. According to the applicant’s decision, HOTELCAREER is the best special job market in Germany. The popular career portal convinces in the categories “satisfaction”, “search quality” and “user frequency” and thus secures the first place among the special job boards.

Full view with – stage free Hotelfachfrau and Co.

With HOTELCAREER you always have the full view of interesting jobs and job offers. Where to start when it comes to expressing the breathtaking versatility of the hospitality industry. Hotel walls hide many stories. If they could speak, content for an interesting script full of facets and exciting special effects would come to light. But the experienced director knows: A demanding performance with a certain unmistakable extraity is determined especially by its actors. So set the stage for jobs as a hotel manager, sommelier, page, chef and Co. They are the foundations of a unique world of service and services. Only employees, such as hotel director or restaurant specialist bring the hotel business to life and make you what it is today. If you are looking for a job in a world full of service, passion, ambition, bite, and hard work, then relax and join in an inspiring journey. Now you are granted a complete insight into the hotel industry. From hotel manager to technician is pretty much everything. Do not miss the chance of a hotel job. Today you are a free VIP member on our guest list. At HOTELCAREER, you can also be a last minute. Around the clock jobs can be offered for a barista, chef patissier, hotel manager, bellman, receptionist, waiter, beautician, fitness trainer or even jobs in the banquet u.v.m. Find. Here you are absolutely right! Why? Interesting job offers and jobs between silver trays, cooking spoons, hotel uniforms and service orientation are our focus. Start now with HOTELCAREER and get a job in the hotel industry! Sure, there is something for you too. With us you do not have to hang your chef’s hat on the nail. But on the contrary.

Holding the strings: leadership and entertainment in the hotel industry

Clear the stage for one of the most important people in the hotel business. May we introduce: The job of the hotel manager. As a director, he has the reins in all hotel areas in the hand. The hotel manager plans various marketing activities and makes a remarkable presentation of the services of a hotel. The appearance and the appearance are planned down to the smallest detail and employees assigned their roles. Who is allowed to swing the wooden spoon in the kitchen? Is another restaurant specialist needed in the service? The job of the hotel manager is like having an excellent wine. Over the years, the quality increases. Time makes him something unique and difficult to replace. You also want to become a manager? Gradually, higher rungs of the career ladder can be climbed. Leadership is the script for the role of hotel director. You would like to become Head of Organization? Then a job as a project manager might be right for you. Finally, the script needs to be changed and adapted from time to time. It may, for example, be the rebuilding and restructuring of individual areas in the hotel. Likewise, personnel projects can fall under the remit of a project manager. Training the team and maximizing productivity is part of your job. The event manager provides in his job for a versatile entertainment program to meet the needs of the discerning public. Speaking of entertainment, what about entertainer jobs? No problem, here at HOTELCAREER you’ll find a large number of employers who are looking for good-humored event managers and entertainers to keep their young and old happy and make your stay in a hotel a memorable one.

The service gold piece of the hotel industry

But now curtain on the service: He makes the hotel industry to what it is today. A place where the customer and guest is king! During the page, which brings luggage to the suites, the receptionist, as a visiting card of the company, takes care of the welcoming of the guests and the room service. Big events service-oriented and smoothly on the legs? – is that your idea of ​​a dream job? You want to be the first contact when it comes to weddings or gala evenings? Then banquet staff! Or you are a career starter and want to make a career in the hotel industry? How about an apprenticeship as a hotel manager? During this training, knowledge in the areas of guest care, marketing, reception, consulting and sales will be learned. Hardly anyone else knows such a comprehensive hotel, as the hotel clerk or hotel clerk. He or she has been actively involved throughout their professional careers and can take on all the roles in our script. Whether room or restaurant service, the hotel manager is always available. As you can see, this is an absolute all-rounder. Only later does the hotel specialist specialize in a specific area of ​​the hotel in order to work in an entry-level position. Restaurant waiters and waiters take care of the smooth running of a restaurant and read the hungry guests every wish from the eyes.

The Brigade de Cuisine presents its recipe for success!

What would a successful show be without suitable meals? It’s time for cooking jobs. Now they are carving, flambéing and sizzling! The Brigade de Cuisine (consisting of Sous Chef, Chef, Gardemanger, Entremetier, Chef Patissier, Chef de Partie, Commis de Cuisine … etc) reveals her secrets for the perfect á la carte menu. From the mise en place to the served dessert. First and foremost, take a Gardemanger, which creates cold starters, such as terrines or salads. Afterwards, these delicacies are rounded off by the art of an entrééé, who skillfully prepares various vegetables or other side dishes in his job. After all, the perfectly cooked steak, which the chef has fried with dedication, should not be served without freshly steamed rosemary potatoes or tasty rice. The diligent kitchen help behind the steaming pots and pans takes over supporting activities. Kitchen aids are essential for a positive overall impression of the food and the kitchen and represent a relief for the kitchen brigade. For the culinary finale, use a chef patissier, who conjures up sweet treats for the guests and discerning connoisseurs with culinary highlights. Mmmhhh .., is your mouth watering? No, the drinks are not left behind either. The sommelier takes care of the right wine. So wine lovers will get their money. While the barista serves fresh cappuccino, bartender jobs prepare and mix all kinds of refreshing drinks and cocktails. You can see it with your own eyes: the culinary delights of the hotel industry are – to express it in the language of fine cuisine – délicieux! You are also interested in an apprenticeship or a job as a chef, for example, as commis de cuisine? Then do not hesitate and apply for the vacancies the hotel industry has to offer for dedicated chefs.

The look must be right!

An idea without a suitable stage design? Inconceivably! The first impression counts. This also applies to hotels and gastronomic businesses. Therefore, jobs and vacancies in housekeeping and in technology are often advertised. So housemaid and maid provide freshly made beds, for high-gloss cleaned bathrooms and changed towels. Good timing is a perfect appearance for the hotel industry, without the right lighting that puts the individual services and offers in the perfect light? Now it’s time for the technician to appear. The technician takes the lead role when it comes to maintenance issues within the hotel and restaurant industry. Behind the accurate rosary bordering the hotel entrance, work is in a job as a gardener. For pretty table settings and attractive bouquets in turn the florist is responsible. After all, everything should look pretty when the guests arrive.

Masseur, beautician or fitness trainer – The well-being of the guest is the alpha and omega

Do you enjoy doing other people something good? Guests can enjoy a pleasant massage in a hotel with the in-house masseur. Soothing sounds and a relaxed atmosphere await stressed tourists and annoyed business people in the spa area. After all, the right relaxation is also part of a successful holiday. Jobs as a beautician can also be found in the hotel industry. A manicure or a soothing mask for the face. Gorgeous! At specialized technical schools, you can complete a beautician training. The guests keep the body in shape by visiting the fitness trainer. Fitness coaches develop individual training plans and are athletes with heart and soul. It could be hours in the world of the hotel industry revel. But slowly our journey is coming to an end. Now it’s your turn to make your own experiences and fill the hotel industry with life. Surely you will experience much more than on our recent trip, so much is promised! The hospitality industry is full of versatility and surprise, transforming demanding and hard working days into a unique working environment. That’s why HOTELCAREER offers many more interesting jobs and jobs in a hotel. Take your chance and apply now! Become a hotel manager, cook, receptionist or page. We’ll keep our fingers crossed

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